Chef Carlos Vivero  left Mexico in 1985, and opened Fonda La Paloma a year later with the help of his son Charlie in Cos Cob. Today, Fonda La Paloma is recognized as one of Cos Cob’s best restaurants, and has won several local diners’ awards.

Carlos Vivero's  began cooking at a young age, and left school early to pursue a career as a chef. After traveling the world for several years, he returned to Cos Cob to open his first restaurant with his son, Charlie. After attaining international acclaim preparing fine dining in Mexico, the Vivero's  moved to the United States to share their unique Mexican  Cuisine with Cos Cob residents.

At Fonda La Paloma we follow strict standards on service, quality and presentation. We use only the finest ingredients in all of our dishes to ensure that every meal we serve is delicious and nutritious. We encourage you to visit our restaurant and experience our international Mexican Cuisine.
We look forward to your visit.

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